Stupid Christians.

So I sit here at Starbucks, working away (which I truly enjoy; I go to the Starbucks in Kenmore, sit facing the fireplace, drink a hot chocolate and work the morning away. Very productive.), and doing my best trying not to be disgusted at the group of Christian women sitting next to me.

Why? It’s simple. As they sit here, quoting and reading from the Bible, they are talking HORRIBLY about another gal whom they are apparently having problems with. Mind you, this gal isn’t here to defend herself. And what would appear to be a friently gathering of women around the Bible is in reality a gossip session with what appears (based on their conversation and conclusions / plan of action) to be malicious intent.

Now, I understand perfectly that there are usually political and personal issues in any group, even a group of Christians. I understand that there are people who don’t fit in, or who create “rifts” within the group. And I understand that upon rare occassions, these issues grow to a point where they need to be addressed and dealt with.

But good grief, do it appropriately. Don’t take everyone in the group but the problem person to Starbucks and then bash, trash, and condemn them. Don’t be loud and obnoxious about it. And sure as hell don’t quote and read from the Bible to justify yourselves. I’m pretty sure . . . about 100% . . . that Jesus never intended the Bible to be used that way. Of course, I’m also sure that He would be disgusted over the basic behavior that just went on. And He’d be broken hearted to see the reactions of the other patrons of Starbucks.

No wonder Christianity has a bad name. No wonder some of the things that are happening are actually happening. No wonder people are sick of the “self righteousness” of Christians.

I’M a Christian, and it made ME want to crawl into a hole and hide. Satan couldn’t have done a better job himself of making us look hateful and spiteful and unforgiving.

By all means, grow and deal with the issues that need to be dealt with. But perhaps, if your intent is not to truly deal with the issue but to castrate someone, it would be better for the rest of the world if you did it in the privacy of your own toilet.


i LOVE the rain. I love it, and just about everything about it. Actually, the only thing I really DON’T like about the rain is the way people drive in it. But honestly, I just hate the way people drive, period. That’s another subject.

I love the way rain sounds, and smells. I love the feel of the air, and of being outside, especially immediately before and immediately after it rains. I love the comfort of being inside when it’s pouring – exceptionally cool is to be inside with friends and loved ones. I love the fresh feeling that rain lends to everything.

I know that many find grey skies and rain clouds depressing and ugh, but I truly look forward to the rainy season. Yes, even Seattle has a rainy season. It doesn’t rain NEARLY enough during the summers here. Indeed, summer is my least favorite time of the year – and even then I definitely enjoy it.

Give me rain any day of the year, and make me happy!

I love technology, I hate technology.

In some ways, technology is absolutely freakin’ cool.

For example, here I am, on a rainy tuesday evening, sitting in UDistrict of Seattle in the car, waiting for Janene who is in ballet.

And I’m online. Because someone around here has a nice wireless internet connection not properly secured. Of course, it COULD be the church (UPres) I’m sitting next to, but whatever.

Anyway, technology is pretty amazing stuff. It has the power, as a tool, to transform the lives of everyone it touches. We can communicate on a level never before seen in history. We can also waste time on pretty much that same level, with the added bonus of being out of shape ’cause we just sit in front of machines all our lives.

And with everything going for it, and despite the fact that God has granted me a gift with it, I hate technology. I hate the way we are slaves to it (as a society / world as a whole). I hate the fact that more and more of us (Americans, especially) are dying earlier than our time and are so stinkin’ out of shape. I hate technology. I would truly enjoy doing away with technology, with slowing life down to the point it’s manageable, with getting exercise and getting in shape.

Of course, all that said – I’m probably stuck with technology, with this love / hate relationship. I’m good at it, I enjoy it sometimes, and let’s face it – I AM a web designer.

Shameless Plug for Seasonal Essentials

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as on our goals of how to live life. We’d love to hear your thoughts on life: what it means to live a fulfilling life, what a simple life means to you, what is important in your life. Keep your eyes on our website for Natural Handmade Soap, Bath & Body Products :: Seasonal Essentials for the release of our resource database!

New Years Goals.

No, they’re not resolutions – those have a tendency to never work. They’re goals, things to do and accomplish throughout this year. Here’s my list: What’s on yours?

New Year’s Resolutions for Chris, 2005; Edited Version

  1. Significant Lifestyle Change

    1. Exercise minimum of 2x / week
    2. Eat a balanced, healthy diet
    3. No more fast food
    4. Sleep a solid night´s sleep (7.5 – 8.5) every night
    5. Work a 40 hour work week with very few exceptions
    6. Drop weight to 175 – 180
    1. Blog 1/ week (yeah yeah, I know…)
    2. Develop photography resources
    3. finish photo gallery software, develop personal gallery
  3. Attend church every week
  4. Take a sabbath every week
  5. Pay off owed money
  6. Pay bills on time
  7. Focus on one main business
  8. Develop a “Life Plan”
  9. Purchase a house, on land, with business / income opportunities
  10. Purchase a Digital SLR (EOS 1Ds Mark II) (or Nikon D70) – Realistically (? – Digital Rebel)
  11. Purchase a mountain bike
  12. Study Photography

    1. History and Technology
    2. Styles
    3. General Rules
    4. Mechanics of a Camera
    5. Technical and Compositional Issues
    6. Famous Photographers
  13. Improve communication skills
  14. Set boundaries in my life: personal, business, relationships
  15. Keep apartment clean and organized at all times
  16. Manage my time better
  17. Manager our money better
  18. Keep Calendar and Schedule up-to-date (thanks for the Zire Mom and Dad!)
  19. Write “Tindall Update” once / month
  20. Renew “lost” relationships and nurture all relationships
  21. Help Jon and Alia with any wedding items / tasks possible
  22. Learn to:

    1. simplify life
    2. Be Patient and Content
    3. Build / Repair facilities
    4. Garden / take care of property
  23. Learn something new and unique about Janene at least once / week
  24. Show Janene my love every day
  25. Surprise Janene at least once a month
  26. Help Janene grow
  27. Become the spiritual leader of the home
  28. Journal every day
  29. Shut up and listen, and don´t always try to solve the problem
  30. Have all gifts made or purchased one month before the event
  31. Finish all contracts in January; then only accept full paying contracts
  32. Develop Seasonal Essentials to a point that it can support the partners full time, including facilities and expenses
  33. Order our wedding picture reprints (yeah, we STILL haven´t done that…)
  34. Frame our Vettriano paintings
  35. Make our wedding DVD
  36. Organize computer files and backup system regularly
  37. Become a better husband
  38. Take dance lessons, and develop awareness of my body and space
  39. Do one thing a month that challenges me or stretches me past my comfort zone
  40. Stop talking, start doing.
  41. Learn how to make books and journals, and then make some.
  42. Save $1500 towards a trip to Europe
  43. Hike Monte Cristo
  44. Sell Volvo
  45. Sell Dart
  46. Develop “Multiple Income Streams”
  47. Learn to draw people / portraits

A New Year

Can you feel it? It’s the start of a new year; it’s the feeling of anticipation of starting things fresh, of having yet another go at those resolutions and goals that you never got around to last year. It’s the feeling of renewal, of excitement, and of hope.

Yep. It’s now 2005, and if you missed that, well… let’s just say that perhaps you should resume your substance experimentation.

For the rest of us, happy new year, and welcome to 2005. As you can see I’ve made some rather significant changes to my blogging software; I’m now using’s integrated editor. It’s pretty slick, actually – with only some minor complaints and limitations which I’m sure there’s a work around for (but at this point I just don’t care.) This new stuff should make several people quite happy (yeah bob, that’d be you). You’ll no longer have to be signed in on to comment on the blogs, which is a pretty big deal for some of you, apparently. I’m also hoping to blog a little more often, and at least occasionally a little less “heavy”.

All that said, I hope you have a happy new year!