This was just fantastic… “Stasis”

STASIS from Christian Swegal on Vimeo.
In the future, an Ex-Soldier is placed in virtual exercises to cure his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the simulations, he sees glimpses of a mysterious girl, presumably someone from his past. When a Stranger appears in his facility offering answers, the Soldier finds himself once again asked to kill, this time for her…

Starring Reshad Strik, Beau Bridges, Ernie Hudson, and Rachel Specter

Directed by Christian Swegal

Produced by Ian Colhoun

Written by Benjamin Murphy

Executive Produced by Adam Hendricks

Cinematography by Max Goldman

Production Design by Zach Matthews

Costume Design by Marta Villalobos

Sound Design by Jamie Hardt

Edited by Christian Swegal & Tom Muldoon

Music by Cyril Morin