Happy Father’s Day, dads!

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

Today is Father’s Day, and due to the craziness of life I’ve really been taking some time to think about a lot of things. One of the things that has hit me while I’m writing this is just how many absolutely amazing dad’s I have in my life, and how many dads – and papa’s – Ben has in his. God has blessed us so much, it’s just amazing. And so I’d like to dedicate this post to all the dads in MY life, and all those in Ben’s life, as well. The pictures I have here are merely a representation, and don’t even come close to doing justice to all those in my life who have had such a fantastic impact on me. I only hope and pray that I can live up to the billing that has been set before me, for Ben (and whatever other kids come down the road…and no, that’s not an announcement of any kind!)

To start, a couple of pictures of tribute to Great Grandpa Ed and Great Grandpa Harry, both of who went to be with our Heavenly Father this past year (2010). We all miss you dearly, but we know that this Father’s Day will be one of the greatest ever for you, and that makes us grin. 🙂

Another tribute, to my mentor and close friend Bobby Michaels, who passed away while on a missions trip. I miss you so much, and I wish you were here. I miss our talks, and your support and love – and absolute sillyness. But I know that you, too, are in Heaven having a party and worshiping your brains out, and while I still cry for you, too, I still grin every time I think of you.

Uncle Chris (Tootell), I know we never get to hook up, but know that I look up to you and value all your insight so much. I feel so privileged to be named after you, and to have you to look up to. You’re an amazing man of God and I appreciate you so much.

Papa Steve, you have been so amazing to us all, and I’m so glad to call you friend, dad, and neighbor! We are all so fortunate to have you there to guide us and share with us!

Uncle (brother!) Jon, you’re not a dad yet – but you’re one heck of an uncle and brother! I love you so much, and I look forward to being an uncle to your brood! I love how Ben asks to see you all the time, and how much fun you guys have.

And finally, for this post, Papa – not only did God bless me with an absolutely amazing man as dad, but he blessed Ben with a papa that just won’t quit! From loving on him to teaching him, to just snuggling and watching the sun set, you two make my heart smile every time I watch you together. I look forward to watching you and Ben grow up together… (*grin*)! I love you so much I don’t even know how to express it, so just know that, and know that every time I talk to you and see you it makes my day. Not to mention Ben’s…

To all the rest of you – my best friends and dad’s to Ben – I haven’t forgotten you, and I love each and every one of you dearly. It means the world to me to have you in my – and our – lives. I grow every time I’m around you, even if we’re just eating pizza and chillin. I love your families, and count them as my own, as I know you do ours.

Happy Father’s Day,

from me to you.

March 2, 2010 Family Outing.

Today was a beautiful day, we were all home for a VERY rare change, and we decided to take a little outing.  We drove past all the various train overlooks in Everett, and then got out at Riverside Park – really just a little spot with a garden and benches.  Janene took some fantastic photos.  Then we piled back in to the car and went to Molbak’s for a few moments before headed home.  It was a nice little diversion. 🙂  Here are some pics…

Being A Dad…

Being A Dad…

BenjaminWell, it’s been almost 11 months since Benjamin came into this world, and boy – has he changed things! 🙂  In looking back over this last (almost) year, I’m amazed at how much has happened, and where God has brought us.  It’s also incredible to have a child – it’s more than I ever expected, and in a good way!  It has challenged my thoughts, my actions, my heart, my spirit, and my body (yeah, tossing a 25+ lb 10.5 month old around, crawling all over the place, being crawled ON… whoa boy!). 

This last year has seen so much, so many changes – mostly good, for that matter.  Almost a year ago we were able to take Ben on his first road trip (at 3 weeks!) back to Colorado – Ft. Collins, where I was born.  At the time, the trip was fantastic – it was GREAT to see all those things that I saw growing up, to visit not only Ft. Collins but all the things on the road between here and there.  But as great as it was, I can say – sitting here writing this – that I wish with all my heart to be doing it again.  The experience has grown in my heart, and in my mind, far beyond what it was at the time (and it was great then!).  We’re still (wow…) working on getting photos up online – but those’ll be coming soon, so keep an eye on our Flickr account…

…I’ve grown, from having Ben around… I see things differently.

We purchased a house, which we are in the process of making a home… (*grin*).  Our first order of business – which has taken several months – is to finish the basement.  That will be my office, Janene’s art studio, and a family space.  I’m at the point in the project that while I’m still extremely excited about it I really just want it to be done.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s going to be VERY nice.  I’ve learned a ton of things, and even gotten some new tools out of the deal (YES!). 

Janene has quit her job at Children’s Hospital to be a full time mom, to do art, to work at the store, and to generally live a good, mom-like life.  I’ve been offered an opportunity with a friend to get back into the web development world, and while it’s taking me longer than I expected to get into it, I’m getting there.  I do miss working daily on store stuff, terribly – but in time I’ll be able to get back to that.

BenjaminAnd through all of this is Benjamin.  I’ve watched him grow from an infant to a little boy, and he’s not even a year old!  He’s got 6 teeth (I think!), he’s cruising around everywhere he goes, he’s started saying mamamama and dadadada and all kinds of other cute but unintelligable things.  He eats solid foods – actually, he’ll eat pretty much anything, including cords, the cat, or mommy’s work stuff.  He laughs and giggles, and every single time my heart melts.  He LOVES outdoors, and I simply cannot wait until summer hits to do some camping.  I want to teach him to sit and enjoy a campfire, to appreciate nature more than he does now.  To breath the fresh air and to love the freedom we have. 

I’ve grown, from having Ben around.  I see things differently.  Things that never used to bother me do; things that I thought I was going to be fine with I’m now not.  I’m working a lot of hours – more than I want to admit.  And that’s really, really tough – when Ben’s around, I just want to hold him, to teach him, to laugh and play. 

Janene went to her sister’s house in Portland this weekend, and she took Ben with her.  Every time he’s gone away for more than the work day I have a hard time.  I want to hear him, to see his smiling face, and to have him grin ear to ear and crawl away as fast as he can when he sees me, knowing I’m comin’ for him.

Family at Easter 2008

All that, and far more, in only <11 months.  Holy cow.  What do the next 40 years have in store?  All I know is that I look forward to every day, every step forward.  I know it’s not always going to be peachy – he’ll reach a point where the last thing he wants is to have us around.  I did.  But now I LOVE seeing my parents (which happens ALL the time, so it’s good I’m so fond of them … ).  I can only hope that I can be the dad that Ben needs, and that after those trying times, our relationship will blossom again.  Until then, he’d better watch out… ’cause here I cooommmmmmeeeeeeeeee…….

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Welcome Benjamin Michael Tindall

We have a baby boy!

Benjamin Michael Tindall was born at 4:51 am on Sunday, May 20th.
He weighed in at 9lbs 5oz, and was 20″ long.

Janene went into labor at 3am on Saturday morning. We were admitted to the hospital around 3pm. Janene’s total labor was 23 hours – plus 3 hours of solid pushing every 2-3 minutes. At the end of this ordeal the Drs decided that this guy just wasn’t going to come out without a c-section. So off to the OR it was, and a C-Section was performed. Really amazingly quick.

Since then, we’ve been at the hospital; Janene developed a fever (it hit 102.8 at one point) that got her onto antibiotics. Benjamin has a touch of jaundice, but is doing fine otherwise.

Today (22nd) was a very tough day – he was in a lot of pain, as all of his systems are still coming online (wow – I’m a nerd…). He’s had some stomach cramps that kept him from being comfortable most of the day.

Anyway, we’ll be posting photos on www.thetindallfamily.com as soon as we can – I was going to do that tonight, but the hospital limits what I can do through their wireless connection, and I can’t get in to any of my admin stuff. So tomorrow night it will hopefully be.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’ll probably be headed home tomorrow at some point. Please don’t just drop in on us, at least until we give the ok for that – we would LOVE to see everyone, but we need to pre-approve it via phone to make sure timing is ok. So call Chris’ cell and we’ll set a time to hang out! 🙂

On a side note, since Janene has had a C-Section, we will not be that mobile for a while, as she needs to heal. Chris will be sticking pretty much right at home for at least 2 weeks, as Janene can’t do much (she can do some, but overdoing it would be…BAD.)

Keep your eyes on www.thetindallfamily.com, and we’ll keep you updated! 🙂

Chris, Janene, Benjamin

“Where the HECK has Chris been?”

It’s really quite simple. I’ve been living at the store. Not QUITE literally, but I’m pretty borderline. We now have a full fridge and freezer, a BBQ, Rice Cooker, Crock Pot, Hot Water Pot, and a big utility sink to wash dishes in. Which means that yes – I can stop eating at Jack in the Box! WOOHOO! I’ve already done BBQ Chicken, which was fantastic. With the pans I’ve got, I’m planning on Beef Stroganoff sometime soon – maybe even this weekend.

Speaking of, this weekend is a big party at the store – should be huge, and a lot of fun. Even if it DOES drain the energy out of my body.

I actually took a weekend off, recently. Janene’s birthday weekend, actually. Saturday we went to an antique show at Craven Farm in Snohomish. Then we visited two different Barnes & Noble stores, Main Stree Yarns in Mill Creek, and then we finished the day with dinner at Fred’s Rivertown Alehouse (Philly Cheesesteak…mmmm…..) and movies at home. Sunday we went up to Whidbey Island, where we ate at Knead and Feed, waded out to our hips in the bay at Double Bluff Beach (and saw some crabs that were quite large), did some shopping in Coupeville, hung out and watched the sunset at Ebey’s Landing, and then drove home. It was a fun weekend!

We hit Sumner the following Saturday on our way down to Don & Esther’s house for a working weekend. Sumner was a blast – it was fun to see the “competition” and chat with the other store owners, and Janene found a stack of magazines for $0.50 / ea at Whistle Stop Antique Mall.
I got a lot done that weekend in Union, too – worked on the Country Pleasures website, which is really almost done; also worked on theweedpatchstore.com – which is up and running, and the ecom storefront is really close. It’s got a blog now, which I’ll HAVE to update regularly, so if you care keep an eye there (although it’ll be all store stuff….). Janene made an amazing pillow and a crocheted pumpkin for the newsletter crafts; I finished the newsletter and got it off to the printer, too – October’s newsletter is just gonna be amazing.

Anyway, I just got the Constant Contact email stuff working for the store and sent out our first “working” eNews – it’s really interesting to watch the stats. I can see who opened the email, what they clicked on, etc. Very cool!

Now I’m uploading photos to theweedpatchstore.com to beef up the photo gallery, while I’m working on more projects than I can count. That said, I’ve gotta crash soon – it’s gonna be a LONG weekend.