Congratulations on your elevation to your new position at the camp.  I know that our requirements are well known to you, but due to the miserable failure of the last agent in your position, I am sending you this notice so that there can be no questions as to our requirements.

Your duties, in order of importance to our benefactor, and therefor to us, are as follows.

Find the location of the tomb.  Loot it.  Send everything as discussed below and keep nothing for yourselves.  Keep me posted on the progress of your search.  The rune stones that were delivered to you by our agents hold the key to opening the inner sanctum. There are still two we have been unable to locate, but the information we have gathered suggest that they may very well be located in the tomb itself.

Our benefactor has another agent in their employ in an area of the wilderness near you.   If anything is requested from your camp from this agent, you are to comply immediately and without question.

Harass and dissuade any travelers along the road, and create a general atmosphere of danger throughout the traveled paths of the wilderness.  Use the creatures under your command as you must to shut down the area.  Once the tomb has been located, we will re-evaluate our course of action with our benefactor.

Gather any wealth from said activities or that you have found in the area, and send it to me.  You may send it to our agent in Phandelver.  I will arrange a monthly transport via airship to the landing pad behind the camp.  Send any prisoners you capture in your tasks on the same airship.  This is a specific request from our benefactor.

Your pay has been set appropriately to your position.  Your crew will receive a 10% bonus paid monthly based on the resources you send to us via airship.