In some ways, technology is absolutely freakin’ cool.

For example, here I am, on a rainy tuesday evening, sitting in UDistrict of Seattle in the car, waiting for Janene who is in ballet.

And I’m online. Because someone around here has a nice wireless internet connection not properly secured. Of course, it COULD be the church (UPres) I’m sitting next to, but whatever.

Anyway, technology is pretty amazing stuff. It has the power, as a tool, to transform the lives of everyone it touches. We can communicate on a level never before seen in history. We can also waste time on pretty much that same level, with the added bonus of being out of shape ’cause we just sit in front of machines all our lives.

And with everything going for it, and despite the fact that God has granted me a gift with it, I hate technology. I hate the way we are slaves to it (as a society / world as a whole). I hate the fact that more and more of us (Americans, especially) are dying earlier than our time and are so stinkin’ out of shape. I hate technology. I would truly enjoy doing away with technology, with slowing life down to the point it’s manageable, with getting exercise and getting in shape.

Of course, all that said – I’m probably stuck with technology, with this love / hate relationship. I’m good at it, I enjoy it sometimes, and let’s face it – I AM a web designer.