Deli Crew Journal – 2023-05-22

Deli Crew Journal – 2023-05-22

The opening session took place in a Tavern called The Broken Dagger Inn, in the town of Edhel. The party was all their, independently, eating their meals after a day of work, or of seeking work, or passing through town. Towards the end of the evening, after most (but not all – there were 4 lone individuals still quietly eating or drinking, each at their own table, in each of the four corners of the tavern) of the patrons of the inn had either retired for the night, or gone home to their families, a woman came in to the inn. She strode up to the bar and quietly had a chat with the Inn Keeper (a human male named Wulfor Yew.) The woman was seeking recommendations for adventurers who might be willing to risk a task in a nearby town that bordered on a great wilderness.

Obviously the characters all overheard this conversation, and each expressed interest in learning more. They gathered at a larger table together to hear what this woman had to say.

At this point, there were two additional members of the adventuring crew – Nyfain and Gregornie; both of these players eventually bow out of the campaign (Nyfain after only a session or two, and Gregornie was sporadic off and on for a bit).

The woman is Kiri. She is a tall, muscular woman wearing what appears to be expensive, well maintained, but understated leather armor that is a deep burgundy color.  On her hip is a short sword, and on her back is a longbow.  She wears leather bracers on her wrists. She has one eye (right) that is bright blue; so bright blue that it seems almost iridescent; her other eye (left) is a disturbingly deep black.  There is a scar under her blue eye. Her hair is jet black, and the skin that you can see is a dark bronze. She has a ring on her right pinky with an insignia that looks like a book with an eye on it

After introducing herself, Kiri explains that her order has received reports of an extremely unusual owlbear roaming the woods in a wilderness area outside of a town about a day’s walk away. This owlbear has proven to be of exception violence and savagery….