So I sit here at Starbucks, working away (which I truly enjoy; I go to the Starbucks in Kenmore, sit facing the fireplace, drink a hot chocolate and work the morning away. Very productive.), and doing my best trying not to be disgusted at the group of Christian women sitting next to me.

Why? It’s simple. As they sit here, quoting and reading from the Bible, they are talking HORRIBLY about another gal whom they are apparently having problems with. Mind you, this gal isn’t here to defend herself. And what would appear to be a friently gathering of women around the Bible is in reality a gossip session with what appears (based on their conversation and conclusions / plan of action) to be malicious intent.

Now, I understand perfectly that there are usually political and personal issues in any group, even a group of Christians. I understand that there are people who don’t fit in, or who create “rifts” within the group. And I understand that upon rare occassions, these issues grow to a point where they need to be addressed and dealt with.

But good grief, do it appropriately. Don’t take everyone in the group but the problem person to Starbucks and then bash, trash, and condemn them. Don’t be loud and obnoxious about it. And sure as hell don’t quote and read from the Bible to justify yourselves. I’m pretty sure . . . about 100% . . . that Jesus never intended the Bible to be used that way. Of course, I’m also sure that He would be disgusted over the basic behavior that just went on. And He’d be broken hearted to see the reactions of the other patrons of Starbucks.

No wonder Christianity has a bad name. No wonder some of the things that are happening are actually happening. No wonder people are sick of the “self righteousness” of Christians.

I’M a Christian, and it made ME want to crawl into a hole and hide. Satan couldn’t have done a better job himself of making us look hateful and spiteful and unforgiving.

By all means, grow and deal with the issues that need to be dealt with. But perhaps, if your intent is not to truly deal with the issue but to castrate someone, it would be better for the rest of the world if you did it in the privacy of your own toilet.