A Wedding!

So I promised someone that I´d get this updated hopefully this next week, so here it is (yes Mr. Decker, that would be you!).

Had the privelage of attending a wedding today of two good friends.  Luke Sankey and Rebecca Strong got hitched in what I can only say was a truly great ceremony.  Both Luke and Becca looked absolutely stunning.  The ceremony itself was wonderful, with the minister combining the perfect amount of humor (as is definitely necessary for both Sank and Becca, as anyone who knows them can attest to) with deep wisdom for not only the couple but also the rest of us.  It all served as a wonderful reminder for myself, as well, of the treasure that I have in Janene. 

On top of seeing two friends get married, we got to see a ton of people from SPU that we haven´t gotten to see in forever!  Talk about a BLAST!  Anyone reading this – it was GREAT to see you.  Thanks for saying hi, and please do keep in touch.  Sometime´s my brain doesn´t work so hot, with everything else going on. 

It has been a very interesting week this past week.

My mentor was in town from Florida, giving me a chance to discuss several things that I needed to discuss.  While that was an amazing time, it also was a heavy time of much reflection and personal interpretation.

My brother is one of three featured artists for the upcoming Arts Alive art show up in Mill Creek (it´s this next weekend – October 23-24, 2004).  As such, he got to participate in a special patron´s show this last wednesday.  He´s an amazing salesman, and it is truly incredible to watch him in action.  I´m incredibly proud of him, although I am sincerely hoping that he is able relax after this next weekend, as he´s on the edge of breakdown, I think.  You might pray for him.

Of course, I´m borderline, myself.  Life has become too hectic, too busy.  I miss my friends, I miss my family, I miss my wife.  But what can you do?  How do you recover?  With Seasonal Essentials starting to take off (yippee!!!), and Fresh Rain Studios bringing in a couple of contracts (also good), and looking for funding for A Higher Standard (oh please, God – oh please…), there is so little time.  So what do you do?  Give it all up to regain some time and some peace?  No, because this is a part of what starting a business is all about – sacrifice so that you can move beyond the insanity at some point.  But how to reach that point?  God, give us strength.

Now it´s time for bed.  I will try to update this a bit more often.  Additionally, we´ll probably send a “Tindall Update” soon, so if you haven´t been getting those please email me at c h r i s @ c h r i s t i n d a l l . c o m and let me know you want to be on that list!

Until then, thanks again everybody, and take care of yourselves.