Guild Crew Journal – 2024-02-17

Guild Crew Journal – 2024-02-17

Our first session with this crew. Since I’m (DM) not ready with all the details of the Adventurer Guild and such, I’m running a DM Dave one shot, Mission – The Lost Reliquary

The adventure started off with the adventurers answering a flyer posted around town. They all met for the first time when they arrived at the mansion at the 8pm time specified.

They ate well, got a very brief high energy introduction to what was going on, and then signed the contract, got a brief tour of the house, and then went out to the stable / carriage house to spend the night. There they consumed more, played some cards, and dozed off about 2:15am.

Come early dawn, about 6:15, they were awakened (Samuel Bennet was on watch) to sounds of panic and distress. They rushed through the property around the end of the house to find the goblin staff engaged in conflict with the giant zombie badgers – 4 still standing, 1 down without a head, and 3 more down and twitching.

2 of those got back up to keep fighting.

They team took on and defeated the zombie badgers, killing all of them, even while they were trying to drag some of the goblin servants out into the peat bog.

And that’s where we left off.