It has been a few days since I posted – we were obviously out of town (for ten days, even though I only managed to get two “travel logs” up during that time) and since we’ve gotten back life has really hit hard.

To summarize the trip, it was fantastic. Janene took her first class of the trip with Claudine Hellmuth in Coupeville. During this time I took hundreds of photos, watched a few good movies, slept some, enjoyed the view from our “Cottage on the Cove”, ate some good food, and hung out with Janene and some of the artists.

From Coupeville we moved on to Pt. Townsend for ArtFest. Janene took three days of metals classes this year, which was a new and exciting experience for her. I regained an interest in doing some art, and have started turning my journal into more of an art journal, which is kind of fun. I’ve also decided I’d like to learn some metal work, and do that on a semi-regular basis.
Andy, Holly, and Elise came over to say hello on Friday afternoon, which was just wonderful. We hung out until Janene was done with class, then chatted a while, caught dinner, and went to Vendor Night at ArtFest. They caught the late ferry home – it was really fun and meant a lot that they came over.

We went from ArtFest to Union to see Don and Esther for Sunday afternoon – which was very relaxing. Pretty much sat around chatting and munching on food, and didn’t hardly do any work at all. It was great. We came back into town on Monday morning first thing.
Since then, it has been shop work left and right – and on top of that trying to pack. Life is crazy, but it’s a good crazy. We’re really pushing to have our place packed up as early as possible, and to live off of … nothing, really, for a day or few. That way we can move on the 15th with as little hassle as possible – I’m really excited.