What a weekend!

The move went quite well, I think. Well, about as expected, I suppose. Nobody got seriously injured (other than being out of shape and using muscles that need to be exercised far more often – at least for myself…), nothing got broken or damaged, and 95% of the apartment got moved over to the house – and much of that got moved in, or at least put in the appropriate room.

Had some great food, and it was definitely fun to see friends and family.

Easter was a lot of fun, and was as we felt it should be. We had 14 people here at the house, plus two cute little girls (hi Elise and Fiona!); we had a feast, lots of laughs, and generally a good time. Janene got a headache – perhaps just from stress and letdown and emotions going up and down so much – but by the time she crawled into bed it seemed to be better, and this morning seemed to be gone (from my perspective, anyway…)

The house is wonderful – it definitely has it’s little quirks, and it needs a really deep clean (the cleaning lady that came in didn’t do a FANTASTIC job – she did a mostly ok surface clean…) so that’s pretty high up on the list of priorities. We have several things we’re going to need to purchase (some lighting for Janene’s studio, some furniture pieces, drapes, etc.) but overall things are really great.

I’m sitting here waiting for the Comcast guy to get here, so that I can get online – in the meantime, I’m piggybacking on someone else’s unsecured wireless connection. It’s amazing that just about everywhere I go I can do that – kinda funny, kinda scary.

I do still have a ton of photos to clean up and get into the gallery – that’ll be another couple of weeks probably. I have a bunch from our trip, and from ArtFest, as well as some great ones from Easter here at the house. Oh, and there’s a bunch ‘o baby chicks running around Country Village that I got some good pictures of, so I’ll be sure to post those in, too.

I can’t believe how far behind I am on things, and how much is going on – the store expansion is flying up on us so quickly it’s just nuts. On top of that is still moving in and getting settled into the house, which is fun but definitely work.

Thank you all, who helped with the move, so much. We (obviously, and literally) couldn’t have done it without all your help and effort.

We’re looking forward to “many moons” of fun, laughter, and life in this house, and you’re all welcome to come by any time!