I´m looking forward to participating in some outdoor activities this summer.  I love to camp and hike, despite the crappy shape I´m in.  Yeah, you try sitting in front of the computer as much as I do (don´t ask, but with three businesses…) and staying in shape.  Seems like a priority change might be in order.  Soon.

Anyway, if you´re also interested in getting out and about, might I suggest that you do some basic research first?  This summer is bound to be an active one for thousands of people.  Try finding some lesser known areas; avoid the crowds and enjoy yourself more!  Check out the National Park Services site.  Also, this article on CNN basically sums it up.

They´re saying that this year may be a record year for the West Nile Virus.  And in the great Pacific Northwest the wildfire hazard is also going to be epidemic this year.  According to KiroTV.com, fire danger levels are currently (as of May 2004) at the level they´re usually at in August.  Oh joy.

Personally, I´m looking foward to a trip to Ocean Shores.  I´d also like to explore a bit and find some places I haven´t been before.  Which shouldn´t be tough, since most of my camping experience has been at Leavenworth.