Wow. That is one cool house we’re gonna live in. We got to see it in the day today from the inside, and holy cow – it’s nice. Well, right now it’s absolutely filthy, so the landlord definitely has some cleaning to do before we can move in. But it will BE nice, once it’s clean and we’re in there.
Very excited, indeed.
Went to The Hub in Snohomish with Moe. I love their burgers. Had a merry time watching Moe feed Elise, as the women were out to celebrate Holly and Grahame’s birthdays.
Then tonight we ended up at the Moe’s place for dinner and … work. Yep. Kinda strange to be sitting here in their living room writing my blog. I just read this section out loud to everyone, because Janene asked what I was doing. Yeah. Moe just kicked my butt in both pool and darts. So now I’m up here again, getting ready to deal with more bills from the shop. Lots and lots of bills. Ugh. I hate that part of the job. A LOT.
So on the way in to the store this morning, we passed a corner that pretty much always has protestors or morons of some sort out there. It’s a good corner for it, as it gets lots of traffic. Today they were calling Dick Cheney a pig, and really pretty much just acting like ignorant A-HOLES. And Janene had the observation that “why do they need to do that…” Which led to an interesting discussion about the pathetic state of society that leads to slander and downright stupidity being peddled on the street corner for all to endure. I understand free speech, and trying to get your viewpoint into the public. But really – taking a blown up picture of Cheney and putting lipstick on it and calling him a pig? How remarkably unintelligent is that? Not so much the mature debate among intellictuals, that. Decided I’d never waste my breath talking to someone like that. Huh.
Lots of work going into this newsletter, since it’s the first quarterly edition we’re putting out. So many cool changes going on at the store, it’s great.
Got an email from Jen’s and Amy with an update about their daughter, Kaelin. She’s so beautiful, and it’s really fun to read about their lives.
I like it here, at the moe’s place. Moe just sneezed. Bless you, Moe. Again. Janene says so, too.
So yeah. I think I’ll get stuff together here and wrap it up. Last night I went to sleep at 10:30, and it’s already past that. The witching hour has begun.
Good night, Sponge Bob.