The countdown is on – one day left until we head out to Coupeville for the first of Janene’s art classes and the first day of my dedicated work time.
Today was, therefore, quite … rushed. Worked at the shop to get the back room freed of product so that incoming freight could go in there. Lots of work, but it was looking really great when I left to go pick up the car. Speaking of which, can I just say that getting a free 30000 mile tune up with the purchase of the Cruiser, plus the extended warranty, is really cool? Took the thing in, had several things done, walked out without paying a dime. SWEET.
Watched Elizabethtown with Janene tonight. I actually really enjoyed it, myself. I’m sure that Bob would hate it and would pick apart the acting and such, but that’s ok. 🙂
On the way over to pick Janene up this evening, I found myself watching other drivers more than usual – not their driving (per se), but more them and their passengers. It’s sometimes fun to sit back and watch the people instead of the cars. It’s funny how much people come to feel “invisible” when they’re in their cars, and it’s entertaining to watch them – like they’re in a moving glass box totally oblivious to that fact. Do you ever lose yourself when you’re driving, and forget that there’s a world that may (or may not be) observant of you?
I really need a hair cut, but the barber shop that I have gone to for years went away. I don’t know if they moved, or closed, but they’re not there any longer. Really a bummer – my hair’s really way too long, and it’s driving me crazy. Argh.
I was asked if I had a favorite song the other day. In sitting here listening to music all the time, I think I’ve concluded that while there are songs I really love, I don’t know that I could pick just one to be my favorite. Maybe I could pick a “favorite of the moment” or something. What is YOUR favorite song?