So in a past blog I posted something brief about the new car the Italian Police got donated to them.  Here´s another page, with many more photos – very, very cool.


So Janene and I are house sitting this coming weekend for Elaine, Janene´s boss at Seattle Children´s Hospital.  They live over in a townhouse on the east side – very sweet little place.  I think the plan is to take the dog for a walk every now and then and make sure the pets are comfortable, and to just veg and watch Showtime and HBO all weekend.  It has been an incredibly long time since we just relaxed – I´m looking forward to it!


Next weekend I get to go camping with my dad and my brother, which I´m anticipating with great joy.  It´s been a while since I went camping, and I´ve never been (well, since I was like 5) with them.  We´re headed up the Mountain Loop Highway towards Verlot / Monte Cristo.  I am so stinkin´ pumped for that!


And then on the weekend of July 9 we get to go camping with some close friends!  We´re doing a married´s camping trip with the Moes and the McMasters.  The six of us are headed over to Ocean Shores for the weekend. I´ve never camped on the beach before (although Bob and I were pretty close when we went to Fort Ebey a couple of years ago), so that should be really cool.  I´m definitely looking forward to that, as well.


It´s sunny and hot here in Seattle – it´s supposed to hit 80+ today, I believe.  Ugh.  That´s too hot for me, although I can go swimming which I may just have to do.


Tonight´s date night, and we have free tickets to go to a screening of The Notebook.  I´ll let you know my thoughts on it sometime in the next couple of days…


Life´s busy, but this is all the fun stuff!