It’s a beautiful, sunny day out. It’s also freakin’ freezing. But that’s ok, as the customers don’t seem to mind.
It’s funny how life views change as life circumstances evolve. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that my love of the rain didn’t interfere with my income stream. Now that it does, I still love the rain, but it sucks when it DOES rain. Funny thing, that.
So we’re still waiting to hear back on our offer for the new home to rent. I’m hoping to hear today, as if it’s a go I will be meeting with one of the landlords tomorrow here at the store. I suppose that would be a prayer request – that whatever is going to happen will happen, so that Janene and I can plan and be ready for it all.
So I’m thinking about going on this cleansing diet. It’s like a 2 week deal where you eat only specific things, and it’s supposed to clean your system of “free radicals” (ode to Mr. Bond) and other harmful crap that gets built up by daily life, stress, and poor eating habits. All of which I have, in abundance. Especially the daily life.
Anyway, given how many problems my stomach has been giving me recently, I’m thinking this might be a good way to kick off Spring. The question I really must answer is whether or not I’m willing to change my eating habits on a more permanent basis – because if not, there’s no point in putting myself through that. I think this may need a little more thought.
Have you ever had Amante’s Pizza? It’s good. REALLY good. We had it a few weeks ago for the first time, on a recommendation from Barb Kelly, our manager here at the store. We had it again with the Moe’s one evening – Super Bowl Sunday late at night, if I remember correctly. And then again last night we had some delivered for the staff meeting here at the store. MMMMMmmmmmmm….. yummy.
Don’t think it helped my stomach, though. huh.
I’m really looking forward to the store expansion. It’ll be awesome to have a real live office, with an actual window, nice walls, etc. Not that my space here is bad, mind you – but it is a little…makeshift. Of course, it will also be wonderful to have the cathedral ceilings, the extra floorspace, the garden out back, all the windows … all in all, it’s gonna be a ton of work and cash, but a very cool thing.
Time to work. Work work, back to work. Everybody work. (ode to KIXI).