So apparently prisoners in Oregon can earn a flatscreen TV for their cell.  I want a flatscreen TV.  Of course, they´re only 7″ TVs, but it does mean they don´t have to go out to the common room and argue with Bubba about what to watch.  I wouldn´t want to argue with Bubba either.  

In other crazy news, you can now go golfing in Kabul.  There´s no green, no water hazards (but the same rules apply), and no mines.  Whew.  That´s a relief.  Talk about your hazards.

  People who know me know how I feel about technology and the church.  In fact, I´m working to start a company developing Christian technology and solutions.  However, I think that this may be a bit far.  Although (and I hate to say this) the problems that they´re facing are rather humorous.  In a sick sort of way.  I believe that technology is a tool that can be used.  I don´t believe it is a way to commune with God.  For heaven´s sake (literally, perhaps) – if you´re going to pray, just PRAY.  Don´t log onto a website as a cartoon character and get on your digital knees.  Good grief.  The title is aptly named, though.  Ship of Fools. 


Dr. Love´s Super Baby Making Show.  Yes, you read that right.  It´s a new reality show in the works.  ´Cmon people.  If the Ship of Fools was a step too far one direction, surely this goes too far the other way.  But you have to give Singapore credit. It has some serious birth problems.
“A worldwide survey last year by condom maker Durex showed that Singaporean couples had sex on average just 96 times in 2003 — making them the least sexually active respondents among the developed countries surveyed. Singapore has made baby-making a top national priority after it recorded its lowest-ever birth rate last year since independence in 1965. “
Talk about your boring place to live.

This talking toilet seems a bit overboard to me.  But it certainly sounds funny.
“Hello, what are you up to then? Put the seat back down right away, you are definitely not to pee standing up … you will make a right mess…”

 THIS HAS TO BE THE COOLEST COP CAR EVER.  I guess it´s good to be state police in Italy.