This is super interesting.  New story from King5 News here in Seattle (posted August 16, 2019).

“SEATTLE — For the first time, we are seeing in detail how large tsunami waves would roll out along the coast and through the inland waters of Washington state.

The simulations from the Washington Geological Survey are based on scientific modeling programs. They show how a large tsunami would play out in Puget Sound and how much time we have before a tsunami reaches us.”

If these models are accurate, this also gives strong indication that the previous beliefs and models about how a tsunami will affect areas interior to the sound are wrong.

For example, a lot of previous belief was that down here in Union, WA we’d be pretty safe from the tsunami threat – this simulation strongly suggests that’s not the case.

king5 News Washington Tsunami Simulation

king5 News Washington State Tsunami Simulation

There’s 3 videos on this page; one is their brief story, another is a simulation of the greater puget sound, and the other is the first of the hyper-localized areas, this one is Bellingham.

king5 News Washington Tsunami Simulation Bellingham Wa

king5 News Washington Tsunami Bellingham Wa Hyperlocal Simulation