So this is going to be short. Hopefully after this weekend, as I start to get caught up on things, I’ll be back to posting something nearly every day. I know it’s been a little sporadic, but I’m working on things…

As everyone who reads this blog knows, tomorrow is the start of the “big move” down to Snohomish. How exciting! Janene and I met my parents down at the house tonight, did a walk-through, took pictures of things, and cleaned the kitchen cupboards so that tomorrow the kitchen can be moved in… Holy cow.

Comcast comes on Monday between 8am and noon – so we’ll have internet access after that, as well – which will be great.

The house is so wonderful – even with several issues (just from it being built in 1900) to contend with, we love it. Neither of us wanted to drive back to Seattle tonight – and it wasn’t just ’cause we were exhausted. It’ll be fun to sleep there starting tomorrow night… 🙂

Thank you, in advance, to all of you who are helping make the move possible – we REALLY appreciate it… 🙂

I’m brainstorming some good (deeper, richer, more inspired) blog subjects – so if there’s something (serious) you want me to rant about, let me know! Otherwise, I suppose you’ll get whatever my twisted mind comes up with!

And now, since tomorrow is going to be a long and physically difficult day, I’m going to push “Publish” and then go to sleep. Sllleeeeeeppppppp…..