Well. What a record, huh? Here I was going to blog and update my site a bunch, and I haven’t hardly touched it – really at all – in what must be close to a year. And then today, while home with stomach gross-ness, I release an update. So I figure I should blog a new entry here too. Just to see how long it takes people to notice, I suppose.

So yeah, I’ve updated the site. Added some photos – there WILL be many, many more to come as I’m a “bit” of a shutterbug and have hundreds of photos. I’ve GOT to get something else productive done today, however (even though this DID flush out several useability bugs that I’ve needed to get to for quite some time….).

For those of you who haven’t been in on the latest news, here’s some of the last year in a nutshell (I’ll probably blog more on these here soon in the future…plus, you can always join the mailing list to receive “Tindall Updates” as they get sent out, which really isn’t all that often…).

To start with, the big news – Janene and I …. bought a store. Along with Janene’s parents, Don and Esther Cunningham. We purchased The Weed Patch in Country Village, which is located in Bothell, Washington. We closed the deal on September 9th, and were honored to have the Moe’s bring us dinner and be our first purchase. Actually, if memory serves, Andy bought us a congratulations card. 🙂

Secondly, Janene is starting to push herself more as an artist (check out her website!), and is also starting to sell art supplies online, along with her finished art. This is a very exciting thing for us both! At the end of March we’re attending a class and then an art conference called ArtFest. While Janene is in classes, I will be working on various projects, sleeping, and exploring with his new camera.

Oh yeah, I got a new camera. It’s a Canon Digital Rebel XT – it’s VERY cool, and I have lots and LOTS of new pictures… Keep an eye on the gallery for updates, whenever they happen.

Seasonal Essentials is kind of rolling into the store now, so if you’re looking for SE products come up to the shop. We’re still getting new labels done, and working on display and stuff for the SE products, so they’re not all out – if there’s something you REALLY want, call Chris to make sure it’s up at the store.

That’s it, for now. Well, there’s more, but I’ll save those for a later post.