Wow. What a month March has been already!

Let’s see – today is the 19th, and so far we’ve had a baby born to some of our best friends and a killer bachelor party for my brother, Jon. Those two events alone are just incredible – but the month isn’t over yet!

I had the opportunity to head to Camp Casey on Whidbey Island with Janene and some of our other best friends a week or two ago – I desperately needed the away time, and it was absolutely wonderful. The weather was sunny but cool with the breeze; we just hung out and relaxed. It was great – I look forward to doing that again sometime soon.
On the 30th Janene and I leave for ArtFest, a conference / workshop for artists. It’s at Fort Warden in Port Townsend. Should be fun. While Janene’s off doing artsy things, I’m hoping to have super productive work time – I’m so far behind on things it’s literally making me physically ill (the stress), so having some good, uninterrupted time in a nice (and new) environment should help me to finish some things up.

It’s funny. I finally have a moment to blog (since I’m too tired after the all night gaming party that was the bachelor party for Jon) and I’m just not in the mood. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go do brainless things online. That’s sounding like a good plan.