2004-05-20 19:56:20

Well, the new version of christindall.com is finally up and running. It has been so long since a decent version was up here, and since there was actually real, live content, that I´m not sure what´s gonna happen! Among the new features is this pseudo-blog (apologies to bob for not using what he recommended, but since my whole site is coded by hand and customized I decided I would do it this way), a photo gallery (I KNOW there´s nothing in it, but give me some time – good grief!, a musings page . . . As time goes by I intend to start studying photography “for real”, and at that point I´ll add a resources section that will contain articles, sites, and whatever with what I´m learning.

Anyway, enjoy, and for now you can´t leave me comments so don´t bother trying. Someday. Someday.