Well, that sucks.
So it looks like we may not end up with that house we were looking at renting, when all is said and done. Which is very sad, and VERY frustrating. It would fit so well for us, and we were (and still ARE) so excited about it. We have an offer on the table with the landlords, so we’re just waiting to hear back. I really do hope we get it.
Moving on and not dwelling on bummerness, it’s a wonderful day out! Rainy, windy, a little cold… I just wish that days like today didn’t affect our sales here at the store so much. It’s actually pretty amazing how the weather affects people. Somebody should do a study. Or something.
So I stumbled across a couple of fun links yesterday, and have to admit to spending probably 15 minutes playing with them. They’re movie trivia (identify the movie from the screenshot) quizzes, and are actually quite fun.
http://funwithmovies.com/ (I got 14/30 without using IMDB – but only spent like 7-8 minutes on this one)http://funwithmovies.com/part2/ (I got 19/30 without using IMDB)
So I know that Holly Moe “regularly” checks to see if I’ve finally updated my site. I think Andy does, too. I’m not sure that anyone else pays attention at all. It’s been quite fun the last day or two to call Holly a slacker, since she hasn’t noticed that I updated the site finally. I just wonder how long it’ll take her to figure out what I mean.
On the radio (KIXI – AM 880) this morning they were talking about how the Bird Flu could make US shores within 6 months. Which is just peachy. We also got a letter from the Health Department telling us (at the store) that we should prepare for the inevitable upcoming pandemic and health crisis. So if they know this is coming, what are they doing to prepare for it? Why have I not heard on the news that all the major labs are cranking out appropriate drugs, at least for the Bird Flu? Why, if we KNOW there’s going to be a pandemic, are we not doing more than we are? Maybe this is the government’s way of controlling overpopulation. Probably not, but hey – who knows.
I’ve never been really good at leading an extremely organized life. For one, I have way to much crap sitting around. For two, I just never picked those habits up. But there’s certainly something to be said for it. We finished putting the shelves up above the stairs (we built a huge platform above the stairs at the store) to hold all the Seasonal Essentials stuff. It’s really nice. And I’ve finally got the filing mostly organized – I really need to finish that. The upstairs (which is all storage) is finally coming along, too. We need to finish organizing all the product up here, but even that’s coming along. It REALLY makes a difference. Duh, you say. Oh well. It also really makes me want to organize my home life more. I’d better sit down and rest, or I’m going to pass out from all the excitement.
Oh well. Back to work.