Life is so interesting.

Today at least wasn´t as hot as it was yesterday.  According to WeatherBug (AIM) it only reached 75 or 76.  Which was much better than the almost 90 it hit yesterday.  As someone who loves the rain, and the midst, and the fall, this heat is too much.  Fortunately, our apartment is on the bottom floor and is quite cool, even when it´s blistering hot outside.

So today was a fairly typical work day.  Worked through the ecommerce solution for my web design company, Fresh Rain Studios.  Got all the meta tags management and implementation working – it´s really pretty freakin´ cool. 

Anyway – enough about that.  I was planning on heading out and running errands all evening, as I have several things I need to purchase and prepare in anticipation of my camping trip this next weekend.  Jon (my brother), Mike (my dad), and I are going up the Mountain Loop Highway for the weekend.  This will be Jon´s first real camping trip (his last he was like 2), and my dad´s first trip in a really long time.  I´m really pumped, as it´ll be my first camping trip this “season” and I desperately miss nature.

We had a wonderful invitation that sure changed the tone of the evening.  Andy and Holly Moe invited us spontaneously to meet them at Carkeek Park for a picnic of KFC.  It was absolutely fabulous.  We sat out on the beach and took photos of the sunset and the people.  It was relaxing and fun.  We then came back and watch one of my and Janene´s favorite movies, Uncorked – which the Moe´s had not yet seen. 

As I have been exploring myself I have come to see things about me that I need, and want, and that I really am unhappy with.  How does one go about changing oneself?  Especially when there are so many things that need to be changed?  How does one balance living life (including owning / running three businesses, a wife, and friends) and focus on changing without failing miserably?  *sigh*

Couple quick notes about movies (probably do more full / formal reviews sometime soon):
A “what if” sci-fi movie, this movie is definitely enjoyable.  Don´t expect it to win awards, but it´s definitely worth the couple of hours.  The general premise is that WW3 wiped out most of the human race; in the aftermath, realizing that we couldn´t survive another global war, a method of deadening human emotions was devised – because human emotions were blamed for enflaming the world to the point of war.  These rules were enforced by “Clerics,” highly trained soldiers who hunted down and eliminated those accused of “sense crimes”.  The story tells of one cleric, the highest cleric, who … oh, nevermind.  Watch the movie and find out. 🙂 

The Notebook:
Fresh in theaters this last week, this was (in my humble opinion) a wonderful love story and a fantastic movie.  Check out the trailer, and pay attention to the reviews when they say to bring kleenex.  When we saw the screening there were like two people not crying at the end.  It´s a very touching and inspiring story, and a GREAT date movie.

Harry Potter 3:
This was definitely better than the first two.  A new director brings some real movie tricks to this one, and as a result the movie actually feels like a . . . movie.  You know, instead of a book that´s been animated.  I would recommend seeing it, especially if you like the first two.  If you skipped them, or hated them, wait for video, but it´s probably worth the couple of hours of your time to catch it.

Enough for tonight.  More sometime soon.