But not quite. We’re finally, as of like 8pm last night, out of our apartment in Northgate. One things off the overfilled plate, but now we actually have to find a place for all that crap – get it organized, garage sale a bunch of it, get it moved in and put away… That’s gonna be a huge project.I know it’s been a long time since I updated – particularly since I want to do it regularly – but holy crap, there’s been so much going on. Bob, I’ll try not to slack so much any more. 🙂

Got a newly formed Merchant’s Assocation at Country Village, which is a lot of work but I think will be a really great thing, once we get it rolling and gain some momentum. I’ve been elected to serve on the first board, which is fun; lots of responsibility and all, but fun too. We’re looking forward to making a lot of good, positive changes.

The house is still awesome – in fact, it’s REALLY awesome. Except for the drunk sing-alongs down at the FOE building and the bar that seem to go all night friday nights. Those kinda suck. But, on the plus side, they ARE funny!

Janene leaves town on Sunday morning for her trip to Cali for her World at Work Conference, which means I’ll be working STUPID insane hours at the store trying to get the expansion going. We’ve got SO many cool new things, and it’s gonna kick some serious donkey once we’re done – but getting there is gonna hurt.

In other VERY exciting news, Bob and Grahame are pregnant again! Fiona is going to be an older sister! We just got the news late last night, but it’s very exciting – congratulations you guys!!!!!! 🙂

Ok. Back to paying bills, so that they’re at least caught up!