What an insane day. SO much happened at the shop, and I’m so dragging. I think it’s gonna be to bed early tonight, as I have to take Janene to her meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow evening we get to go look at this house in Snohomish that we’re really excited about and hoping will be something we can fall in love with.
Today we had two advertising sales for the newsletter today, which is really exciting. It’ll help us drop our cost some for printing and mailing (or, more accurately, it will help cover some of the printing costs). That’s actually really exciting, as I didn’t know if we’d get much response for the newsletter. What it DOES mean is that we actually have to get down to writing the content, and getting the thing laid out. More work than it sounds, as this will be an 8 to 12 page deal.
Got some very cool new things in to the store today. LOTS of boxes, and more freight coming in every day. Makes for quite a ton of work, though. But the new store sure is going to be cool. I wish it was done already, but I suppose later on down the road I’ll look back at all the work and appreciate the store more. Probably a good thing.
Well, short entry for the day. i’m off to sleep, I do believe. Tomorrow’s going to be a LONG day.