Well, today was a relatively eventful day. Got the lease signed for the new house; got the new leases signed for the expansion of the store. Took the Cruiser into the shop for its 30k tune up and a few issues it has been having. Got some things faxed off in regards to the store expansion. Got 17 more big boxes of freight in at the store (holy crap, we have a TON of freight in!). And now I have a few more things to fax off, a couple of packages to get ready to ship out, the quarterly newsletter to get together, a few important emails to take care of, and some plans / strategy for some projects as well as for our trip coming up.

Janene’s at Life Choices tonight, so that gives me about another hour to work before I have to leave to pick her up.

Boy, it’s freezing in this apartment. Every day we get home and it’s just…freezing. I’m sitting here, bundled up beyond belief (BUBB…lol), and I’m still freakin’ freezing. It’ll be nice to be in the house, with enough room that things are piled right on top of the heaters, so that we can keep the house a constant comfortable temperature.

Today was the first day of Spring, and it was really nice out – sunny, warm, and fun feeling. Of course, it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, into next week. Figures. We’ll be in some good spots for me to go shoot photos, and it’s supposed to be pouring. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to deal with it. I do have some nifty new software to play with, plenty of computer work to do on the laptop, and lots of sleep to catch up on. Plus, I’m gonna borrow some DVDs from Jon (my brother, who owns Jewelry Resource & Supply, in Seattle), so that’ll be cool. And Janene’ll be done with her classes at some point each day, so we’ll probably hang out and play games and talk and dream then, which will be nice.

Starting as soon as we’re back we’re gonna be packing this place up like crazy – organizing and going through things, cleaning things up and putting them into appropriate boxes or bins (for transport and storage), and generally getting this place ready to empty out in one fell swoop. Which is going to be MUCH easier said than done, that’s for sure. We have a lot of … stuff. But hey, when you figure that you could put all your extra stuff that you own in the attic at the new place and not use any of the other storage, you stop worrying about it quite as much.

Oh, got what will be our new address… 53 Cedar, Snohomish Washington (can’t remember the zip code…) I just think it’s cool to have such a simple address – 53 Cedar. 🙂

Working on a couple of big projects at the moment – finishing up the basic ecom technology that interfaces with PayPal, so that Janene can start selling her art and art supplies online, and so that jewelry resource and supply can get products into their website – not to mention The Weed Patch’s site, which will use that same technology temporarily until the full site is up and running. Plus, hoping to work on and finish the newest version of NWChurches.com – which won’t be quite the final version, seeing as how I’ll be working on it alone and there’s several things I don’t yet know how to do, but that’s ok. The new version will be so much better than the current one that those other changes will come around later, and that’ll be ok.

Just put a big proposal together for Life Choices, who’s looking for a grant to get their SHARE program revamped and online in a SERIOUS way. Big, big contract, but should be fun – won’t hear back on it until sometime in July, though. Which should give me time to finish up a couple of these other things, and get The Patch going online and in its new space.

You know, we gave up TV for Lent (we give something up each year – last year it was also TV, and the year before that it was eating out). I don’t miss the dumb thing at all. We still allow ourselves to watch movies – just not “actual” TV – it’s amazing how much brainless time gets spent watching TV. What would happen, I wonder, if TV went away nationwide for a few months? Besides, of course, a baby boom… Would people start to realize that they’re lazy? Would things change for the better, or the worse? It’s really stupid that as a retailer I have to schedule things around TV shows. It’s a sad state of affairs, and a very pathetic statement about the American population. One thing that I distinctly remember from one of my college classes at SPU was a comment about TV and relationship. The suggestion was to not have a TV for the first few years of marriage, because it’s a “romance killer.” I think that’s really true, even if we don’t realize it at the time. Certainly it can be romantic and relaxing to plop down together after a long day and watch some TV. Or it would be, if there was anything good on. We do like Lost, Invasion, and the CSI’s, with the occassional Law & Order thrown in (doesn’t really matter which flavor). But even so, when we don’t have the TV on we communicate more, play more games (we’ve got quite the Cribbage rivalry going), and generally just connect more.

Gas prices are rising again, by the way. Stupid greedy bas#($*#(*. With record high profits, somebody should sanction a few top oil company officials or something. It’s just stupid. [komo news story]

Well, this has gotten to be REALLY long, and since I’m sure I’ve lost everybody by this point, I’m gonna get back to work. Try to finish things up before Janene gets home, maybe.