Wow – it’s WARM today. It’s a beautiful, rainy day – and it’s gotta go and be all warm. Why is that? I don’t like muggy – everything sticks to everything else, it’s uncomfortable and gross, the air is thick and hard to breath… ugh.

You know, it’s really an interesting thing to have a store. To have to deal with all the bills, marketing, business decisions, partnerships – there’s so many things to get done it’s just mind boggling – and a WHOLE lotta fun.

Just had to throw that in.

So today I put up my dad’s blog for him – on – there’s nothing there yet, and we’ll see just how long it takes to get stuff up. He’s absolutely swamped. But he keeps sending emails with fun links and things, so I told him he should just use blogger. I mean, I do. Sometimes. Yeah.

It’s too muggy to think.