What a Sunday! Slept in a little, got a call from my parents to go out to breakfast at The Cabbage Patch in Snohomish. That was a great meal, and a lot of fun. Then Janene and I drove around Snohomish again looking for potential rental houses.
And out of the blue we stumbled across this sweet deal of a place, like 2 minutes out of downtown. It’s a 1900 square foot place, with more storage than even Janene and I could use. It’s got a HUGE downstairs, with a free standing fireplace – perfect for fun parties and entertaining, as well as daily life.
So that was most of the day. From there we came home, and had yet another discussion as to things like commute time and logistics. We have to make a decision over the next day or so, as to whether or not to apply for the place. I’m excited, but reserved, I think. I might just be too tired to know.
It was, however, a really beautiful day today. Sunny, warm enough to enjoy the day – almost a bonified Spring day!
So what else is new? I uploaded some new photos in the gallery last night, and then uploaded a few more tonight. Check out the Outings album, Stan & Sharon’s Album, and Friends & Family.
Other than that, I’m going to log off. Yesterday’s entry was long enough for two days.