We got up sometime between 7 and 7:30 this morning, and proceeded to get Janene ready for the day and eat breakfast. I dropped Janene off right at 9 at the Art Center, and returned to the Cottage. I sat for a while looking out over the water, and then got up and did the dishes from last night and tidied up some. Took a shower, and then headed in to Oak Harbor in search for a haircut (found at Great Clips for $14) and earplugs for Janene (the Seagulls are quite loud in the morning…). Also got a Subway Cold Cut Trio, which I’ve been craving for quite some time.
Returned to the Cottage and put on “Ong-Beck, Thai Warrior” – was going to work while I watched, which was foolish since the movie was subtitled in English (I could have put it in dubbed English, but that’s never as good). The fighting was excellent, and there is a wonderful chase scene (on foot) through the city that was amazing.
After that was through, I opened up the french doors to the deck, turned on the Forest Gump Soundtrack (disk two), and got down to business. I worked on some Weed Patch business, and then on some of the newest version of NWChurches.com.
Come 4pm I was back at the Art Center to pick Janene up. The whole class ended up going for a reception at a local B&B. We had some wonderful champagne, and took a tour of this house – which was amazing. It was VERY Victorian, and absolutely stuffed with little knick-knacks everywhere.
Dinner followed with about half the class at Christopher’s Restaurant in Coupeville – yum! I had New York Steak, and Janene had a soup and a salad. We shared a chocolate mousse dessert with several people (it was huge), and sat around talking until 8ish. Unfortunately something hosed my stomach, and I had a most unpleasant experience once we walked back to the Cottage. I believe it was the water, but who knows.
And now I find myself typing out Day 2 of the travel log. I’m not sure when I’ll be uploading all of this – it’ll probably be Wednesday evening. Interstingly enough, the clock on the mantel is really loud all of a sudden, and the fire seems to have gone out – I think perhaps the gas is getting low for the fireplace. Chantelle Chamberlain is playing the background, and Janene’s sitting here doing her devotions. I think the plan is either to sleep or to put a movie on, as we’re both really exhausted. I wish my stomach wasn’t so screwed up – ugh.