store, exhausted, family reunion

I’m so weary. My body aches, my energy is drained, I’m not sleeping well, and I just can’t seem to move over this bump in the road.
It has been quite some time since I did ANYTHING online, much less my personal site. The store has kept me extremely busy – more so even than normal due to all our big expansion items. Things are “coming along,” as I’ve started saying. There’s still a lot of finish work that hasn’t yet happened, but things are mostly functional. It will be very nice to get things finished up, though – if nothing else to have them off my plate.
Hopefully that will help reduce my stress load some, and also hopefully maybe I’ll be able to catch up on sleep. Or, since that’s technically not possible, I’l be able to sleep enough to be rested.
The Johnson family reunion is this coming weekened – just a few days away. It’ll be over in Toppenish again this year, where we gbot married. Should be a blast – I really love Janene’s entire family. Gonna be hot, though – predicts highs near 90. Hopefully there’ll be a nice breeze. Janene and I are planning on camping again, out on the lawn under the big Willow tree, assuming it’s still there. I’m not taking ANYTHING – other than my digital rebel – that’s work related. I need to get some good “country” style scenery, and there’s a bunch there (and on the way!).
Anyway, bottom line: The store is doing very well, and we’re exhausted. Janene’s doing a bunch of art stuff, on top of everything else. I’m working on Jon’s website for Jewelry Resource & Supply, as well as a print catalog for him. I’m in the midst of redoing the store website as well, in addition to writing our newsletter and all the other things that must continue at the store.
And with that, good night!

Happy Birthday, America!

Today is the 4th of July – the holiday celebrating America’s Independance. I’d just like to take a moment and recognize those men and women who have, from times past to times future, stepped up to the plate and sacrified to protect our way of life here in the great USA. Whether the sacrifice is time or more substantial, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate everything that they do.
So thanks, to all of you who have served so selflessly. Spouses, significant others, parents and kids, friends and family – you too.
I, at least, salute you today.