It’s amazing how fast time goes, isn’t it? I know this is a bit of a common theme in my blogs, but hey – it astounds me every time I look at it. I mean, we live – day in and day out – doing those routines we’ve established for ourselves, walking through our daily lives just trying to get done those things we must; trying to make ends meet, or to finish up that painting, or that website, or that advertising campaign, or that volunteer session, or dance lessons, or [fill in the blank]. And each and every day flies by faster than the previous day, doing the same things. Why is that? If we’re doing the same things, why does the day go by so much faster?

While I would be seriously bored enough to murder someone if I never had projects to work on or things to do, I DO think that there’s great value in slowing down. Certainly there will be times where life is insane, but I think the worthy goal is to organize life and slow down so that those times are the exception, and not the rule.

I want time to play around with woodworking, and photography. To sit and read a book without rushing through it or worrying that I’m not getting things done. And most importantly to spend quality time every day with my wife (and family, when the time comes…). The tyranny of the urgent; it’s a killer!

I’m so excited to be moving our residence closer to the store! We’ll be moving at the end of April or the 3rd week of May, depending on when the current tenant moves out (we’re assuming her lease). It’s a beautiful, relaxing home – very light and airy. One of the things I’m so excited about is to be going through all our things and getting rid of those items that aren’t necessary. We WILL be having a garage sale… 😉 As they say, one man’s junk… Anyway, we’ll have something like 1800 sq. feet in the new place. It should be absolutely wonderful. Janene will have her own art studio space and most of my work and office will be at the store, so once I come home (for the most part) I won’t be working anymore. We’ll have ample storage for those things that we ARE keeping, but this space is really going to force us to re-examine all the possessions that we have accumulated over time.

I know that the new location isn’t going to solve my problems, at least not in and of itself (other than being close to the store, anyway). However, it IS proving to be a catalyst for change – it’s forcing me to examine myself, and those things that I’ve held on to for so long that just make no sense. It will force a purge, of sorts, that I’ve begun to crave. So yeah, I’m excited.

Of course, our personal move may very well come at the same time that The Weed Patch is expanding….