As much as I love to write, sometimes I just feel all dried up. Which is really quite silly since there’s so much going on in life at the moment that I can’t even think straight. But it is how it is, I suppose.
Yesterday was fun (although I didn’t blog); we ended up getting to see the Moes for dinner at The Seattle Crab Company. Elise went just crazy after dinner when Auntie Janene tried to hold her for a while. It was really quite funny, and the highlight of the evening.
Today Janene had her test for her certification class. After that we went to Daniel Smith, where we were for a VERY long time. Made it home late afternoon in enough time to work and crash for a few minutes. Now it’s “dinner time,” and we’re watching some movies while I work.
Tomorrow the gals are all going to Snohomish to celebrate Grahame’s birthday, so we’re going to go by the new house and show it to them, and measure the rooms so that we can start to plan.
And yeah. That’s it for now. What a boring blog.