Holy cow.  I feel like life just sped up x10.  So here I was working through several projects; some technology and tech trees / modules for Fresh Rain Studios, the newest version of NWChurches.com, and the updated (better than ever!) version of Seasonal Essentials [nothing has been released yet].  Out of “the blue” I have contracts and those interested in contracts coming in “like crazy”.  Ok, so it´s only three, but all at the same time, all significant jobs, and all needing to get done.

I´m working like crazy on the newest version of Seasonal Essentials so that we can start generating lots of money to cover costs and salry and whatever.  There´s many new features and tons of bug fixes in the newest version, which is good because it´s the basis of my ecom solution, which one of my customers wants.  So I guess it´s goot it´s basically done.

At the same time I´m working on A Higher Standard stuff; business plans, executive summary, website . . . I go away for a weekend camping and come back to an email that there´s someone potentially interested in investing in AHS.  Obviously nothing solid at this point, other than good prayer opportunities.

Everything happens at once!  There´s so much to do, and just not enough time.

Maybe sometime soon I´ll take the time ot put in my thoughts on this last weekend´s camping.  I may also get around to some real meat for a day or two. 

Then again, maybe not.  I supposed it depends on how insane everything remains.  And since I´m no longer sure of what I´m typing, I do believe it´s time to crash and burn.