i LOVE the rain. I love it, and just about everything about it. Actually, the only thing I really DON’T like about the rain is the way people drive in it. But honestly, I just hate the way people drive, period. That’s another subject.

I love the way rain sounds, and smells. I love the feel of the air, and of being outside, especially immediately before and immediately after it rains. I love the comfort of being inside when it’s pouring – exceptionally cool is to be inside with friends and loved ones. I love the fresh feeling that rain lends to everything.

I know that many find grey skies and rain clouds depressing and ugh, but I truly look forward to the rainy season. Yes, even Seattle has a rainy season. It doesn’t rain NEARLY enough during the summers here. Indeed, summer is my least favorite time of the year – and even then I definitely enjoy it.

Give me rain any day of the year, and make me happy!