What a crazy couple of days! So much going on it makes your head spin, but that’s ok!
Yesterday evening we ended up going to my parent’s place to do laundry in preparation for our big trip. It was kinda fun, actually – we made dinner and then Janene crashed on the couch for an hour or two. We watched an episode of Colombo (my parent’s have the DVD sets) and then crashed when the laundry was done, about 1am.
Got up and ran errands EVERYWHERE today. Went to Jon’s shop, ran to Lynnwood, up to Silver Lake – all over the map! Then I stopped by Grandpa Ed and Grandma Esther’s to chat for a few moments, as Janene was in Bible study tonight and I didn’t need to get home right away. Ended up eating dinner with them, and hanging out for a little while – all great! 🙂
So now Janene’s home, and taking a relaxing bath. I have about a million things to do before I can go to bed, but I may not care – I’m so stinkin’ tired! Got to be up real early tomorrow to get in to the store and get stuff done, as once I leave at 4pm tomorrow I won’t be back to the shop.
That’s it. No deep thoughts, no humor, no nuthin’. Sorry. Maybe next time.
Oh – I should mention that as of Saturday morning, I’ll be out of town until April 3 – with sporadic online access, at best. So if you don’t see anything from me for a few days – that’d be why. However, I’m PLANNING on taking a ton of photos while out and about, so look for some new stuff in the album once I’m back in town! 🙂