Well. I suppose this year isn’t going quite the way I anticipated it would. Things have been…busy. Busier than they were for most of last year, actually.

All that to say, I guess I’m not updating this stuff nearly as often as I’d like. All my thoughts are going unrecorded, and lost forever. Oh well.

Read an interesting article, oh, several weeks ago. It’s still up, I just checked. It’s all about cars and computer chips, and how cars’ll be driving themselves by 2040.

In other general thoughts…hm. I don’t have any other general thoughts. All I’ve done is freakin’ work.

The new content management system and it’s partner, the resource management system are almost finished and ready to deploy on several sites. They’ll also get packaged up and sold to new customers, too. They really are quite cool, but I think it’s a sad thing when the coolest thing you have to talk about is a way for people to update their website.

It’s raining though – finally. Oh Boy, have I MISSED the rain. Geez. I’m nervous about this summer – I don’t like the heat, and it’s supposed to be the hottest in history. I mean, it’s still February and easily short weather. In Seattle, that’s BAD.

Noticed my bandwidth is being used faster. Hopefully that means that people are enjoying the humor stuff. Which is pretty much the only stuff that’s up right now. Although the new photo gallery module is basically done (minus some little tweaks) so I’ll be releasing that soon on here and uploading tons and tons of photos. Like 10 years worth. 🙂 Thanks to Mr. Moe (www.moedaddy.com) for his .php help on the upload utility.

The new version of NWChurches.com (v4.0) is coming along well, although I probably won’t get to finish it up this week, again. Working on several client sites, trying to finish three or four MAJOR modules and technology pieces, and then having to go in for Jury Duty starting tomorrow means that a) LATE nights this next week, and b) no time for NWChurches.com… Which sucks, as there’s several people – from radio stations to churches to individuals – who are waiting for the new version. Of course, if I had any FUNDING, then I could work on that full time and stop trying to get more web clients.

Speaking of, I’m getting much, MUCH closer to releasing several web package deals that really are pretty amazing. Way beyond most of what I’ve seen out there thus far, with a couple of exceptions. So if you’re looking for a website for pretty much anything, definitely drop me a note and let’s chat.

Dangit. Stopped raining. *sigh*

The new Seasonal Essentials site will be going live in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to keep an eye either here or on it, and I’ll keep you updated. It will have a brand new resource section, several new features and a ton of new backend stuff. Which won’t matter to you all that much, but boy – it’s nice for those of us administrating a site.

Before SE goes live, though, there’s several big pieces to rework (product ingredients, for example) because I had to change the database and that changed the way it all fit together. I’m hoping that Janene will have some time in the evenings to work through those issues, ’cause I’ve got a couple of clients I just HAVE to get going. Dawn, if you’re reading this (which would be very strange…) – I’m working with the server people and your site should be up momentarily. Bobby, you’re new site is gonna kick some serious … cheek. Hope you’re having a great trip and getting a lot of new content ready!

Signing off now; time to get back to work.