Deli Crew Journal – 2023-08-17

Deli Crew Journal – 2023-08-17

The session started with morning breaking over camp and everyone waking up and coming to and finding that Precious had picked up his things and walked out of camp. The group then discussed with Gendithas Firpride and Zyndan what to do and what priorities were, with the NPCs saying that their priority was finding the owlbear but that they would be available and around if other things came up and they were together and their paths had not diverged.

From there they started walking towards the river and away from the camp. In the forest they were randomly attacked by four [[blink-dog]] , which they successfully defeated.

They arrived at the river and saw the airship hovering above a shallow crossing down the river. The group stayed in the trees under cover. And that’s where the session ended because Savannah was ill. It was dusk when they reached the river.

Deli Crew Journal – 2023-08-17

Deli Crew Journal – 2023-08-06

The party started up near the top of the pathway towards the airship platform clearing. The elf got healed immediately and then they realized they had to go back down into the main bandit camp in order to find and get Gregorornie the camel and they decided they wanted to search jeb’s cabin one more time.

They started in jeb’s cabin and found pretty much the remainder of the things that needed to be found including the Riddle, Reo took the cartographers kit, pen and ink set, spyglass, etc.

They successfully made it over to the “barn” / old mill, and found the camel. They also gathered up additional materials. They found barding that they modified and put on the camel, as well as 4 saddle bags (2 front, two back) that they put some of their newfound loot in.

From there, they heard the bandits returning to camp, so they rushed up and out into the woods from the airship.

They made their way towards the river. At one point after traveling for a few hours, they had 4 giant constrictor snakes drop out of the trees on them. Because they were with the Ranger, they were not surprised, and initiative was rolled.

Zindan had a snake land on her and immediately grapple her. Harry managed to dispatch one of the snakes in just a couple of rounds; Gendithas took another. Reo took one between her dagger and her claws ripping it in half, and Elitacee managed to grab the head of the 4th when it tried to strike, and pulled it apart in one round and then severed the head from the body over his knee on the second round.

From there they walked another hour until dusk, and found a small clearing where they made camp.

Harry spent the time to learn about his gloves. Reo spent the time to learn about her doll.

They still have no idea what the grey bag is…. 😉

Ended the session right before they wake up.