This session started off with Elitacee, Harry, and Precious in the cabin of Jeb, and Reo out in the woods still. While the three in the cabin were waiting for Jeb to come back or for something to happen they searched the cabin. They found the letter to Jeb outlining his priorities in being the leader of the bandit camp. They searched his desk and found a fair amount of information. They also found some loot. That list is to the side.

After a time of searching the cabin they tried to sneak out and ended up making enough noise that it attracted the attention of the guard that was talking to Jeb, and the guard on the other side of the camp. By this time Reo had looped back around the camp and climbed a tree in back and had a vantage point of what was going on. The guard with Jeb immediately ran towards the cabin with Jeb following at a slight distance, the guard across camp also headed towards the cabin. The three disappeared into the woods crashing loudly, but Harry managed to be silent and sneak around to the other side of where everyone else had gone and hid and waited. In the fight that ensued, Reo, who did not know that Jeb had been revealed as a good guy, shot him as he ran, from her perch in the tree. She barely wounded him but he dove into the bushes and hid which also allowed him to avoid being part of the fight. Harry ended up sneak attacking and killing the other male guard. In the meantime the female guard tried to round the corner and got shot by Reo and pulled back out of sight. Reo decided to come down the tree and move around to the other side and used her dash action to get around to the other side of the building. On the next round she was able to use her bow to shoot the bandit girl, who then backed around the corner of the building. At the same time she started to raise her voice to cry out and as it turns out got herself shot in the back by all three of the other members of the team before she was able to get out a shout. Both bandits are now down. Jeb comes out and is protected by the crew from Reo who doesn’t yet know what’s going on, and this is now explained to her period Jeb then informs them that up behind camp is a landing pad for an airship of the zhentarim who are coming to pick up prisoners and loot. The prisoners are part of kyries crew. Jeb asks the team to free the prisoners before nightfall when the airship arrives and then has them beat him severely until he’s basically unconscious which shaded with pleasure.

The team then goes up the wooded path to the back and explorers and finds no one there in terms of bandits, so they free the prisoners add dig through all of the loot gathering what they could take. That list will be off on the side as well.

The session ended with them debating what to do and headed back down towards the camp.

I did give an overview of the five main factions at work on the sword coast because that is basic information that the adventurers would have known, and they needed to recognize these in the logo on the letter to Jeb. They did find a signet ring belonging to Jeb hiding under his floorboards under his bed that had the same logo as Kiri’s signet ring further cementing Jeb as a plant into the bandit camp. The players do not know the extent of his involvement or what he’s actually trying to accomplish particularly. You can see the letter in the appropriate file that was sent to jab which describes his duties including finding and looting a tomb.