Started off by running through the past session with the Dryad, and updating them on what happened and what was learned and discovered. Brought them current to the cave.

They decided to pack everybody up and head back towards the fork in the road.

Precious in particular, but to a point supported by Harry , was very torturous of the prisoners, relishing terrifying them and tormenting them.

They followed the path back to the fork in the road, and then followed that new path to the entrance of the lumbercamp.

They did not realize it was a bandit camp.

The “leader” of the camp – Jebeddo Kreesp – heartily welcomed them in, healed up the wounds of the prisoners, escorted the prisoners away from the crew. He then invited them to join in for a dinner feast.

RP conversation where Jeb danced around the questions that were being asked of the specific owlbear.

Harry successfully picked the pocked of one of the bandits, but never found out what was inside.

The crew tried to negotiate to get them to join in the hunt for the owlbear. Harry offered payment of all the things that they had taken off of the dead bodies (not realizing yet that this was a bandit camp). Jeb “suggested” that it was foolish to offer things that already belonged to his own bandit crew and was taken off the dead bodies of bandits as payment, and that was when they crew realized that this was a bandit camp.

Reo Grayrlock had decided to go forage and not eat with the bandits, so she was out in the forest when the rest of them were knocked prone, stripped of all their gear, tied up and put in a tent. An obvious search for her ensued; she climbed a tree at the edge of camp to watch what was happening (Precious was offering her up as payment for Jeb’s assistance), so she saw all, and stayed hidden in that tree.

About 3:30 in the morning, she came down from the tree, about the same time that the rest of the crew in the tent decided to try to break free.

Elitacee used her armblade – an overlooked weapon – to slice through their ropes; Harry immediately ditched everybody and made off towards the forest at the edge of camp. He made it from the tent to the building next to the tent, where he made a slight noise – which resulted in the door to the building being opened and him being drug inside, a hand over his mouth and somebody holding him down and saying “it’s about time”

Precious and Elitacee went over to find him having watched him vanish, but Elitacee was not stealthy and made a loud banging noise.

The person on top of Harry left immediately and walked from the building into camp knocking things about to cover up the noise, and asked if anybody had yet found “the cat” – this person was Jeb. The response was no, so Jeb headed back to his quarters – the building that the team was all now in. He told them that this was his personal quarters and nobody ever came in here, so the crew needed to lie low. He had brought their gear in to his quarters, and let them go back and grab it all.

That’s when Reo Grayrlock stepped on a huge branch that snapped loudly enough to alert the camp guards, and Jeb left to help in the hunt for her. She was chased into the woods, where she doubled back and stealthed, and used her spider slippers to climb a tall tree.

This is where we left the evening.