The Union Crew

The adventure starts!

The party finds themselves on a ship where they have each, individually, purchased passage to Stormwreck Isle. They spend some time getting to know each other, and spending time with the crew. Their first night is restful and uneventful.

Day two, towards the evening, finds the skies getting dark and stormy suddenly and out of nowhere. The crew is perplexed at how fast this came up. Shortly thereafter a merrow flings itself on to the deck of the ship and demands payment for passage, with the threat of sinking the ship if 400 wealth – gold or merchandise – isn’t relinquished.

The party spent a while negotiating and debating. They attempted to collect enough gold between them, and when they couldn’t, bobo continued to offer 4 or 5 gp instead of the 400. Things escalated, and Hildebrand confronted the captain and informed her that they needed to pay the tribute with the goods that the ship was hauling. The captain informed him that they would be better off at the bottom of the ocean than parting with the cargo, in the eyes of her employer. The rest of the party stayed out of the discussion.

In the meantime, bobo gave Iriness a dagger and they attempted to convince the merrow that the dagger was worth 200gp and would he accept that. A contestation of rolls resulted in Iriness successfully convincing a highly intelligent merrow that this 2gp dagger was worth 200gp and he happily took the dagger as payment and vanished over the side. The skies immediately cleared up.

The remainder of the evening and overnight was tense, since Hildebrand had confronted the captain. But the night passed uneventfully, and the next day broke early. They could eventually see the island, and as they sailed around it they could get glimpses of various landmarks.

As they entered the harbor, they could see a fierce battle between two dragons happening up over some sort of lighthouse or observatory

At the end of this battle, a lightning-bolt from the blue dragon hit the center of their ship and sent it almost immediately to the bottom of the sea; everybody was thrown clear.

The party woke up washed up on the beach an indeterminate time later. As they examined their surroundings, they noticed high up the cliff above them the temple they had seen from the ship. They decided to make their way up the path towards the temple to see what it was.

As they started walking up the trail, there was a gurgling, moaning and splashing sound from behind them. They turned and found 3 zombie coming up out of the water. With a shrug, the group just kept walking up the trail for a bit, easily outpacing the zombies. After a brief discussion, they decided to go take care of the zombies after all.

The battle progressed, with the eventual defeat of the zombies. Bobo sustained some damage when his armor failed to deflect a zombie claw attack.

From there, the group walked up the path. Part way up the path, the group is met by many kobold coming out of rooms that were carved into the side of the hill. They were dressed in simple robes, and were full of curiosity and questions. Eventually a elderly human woman dressed in simple robes came down the mountain and greeted them. She introduced herself as Runara, the head of Dragon’s Rest, which is what this little cloister is called. She thanked the group for defeating the zombies, and invited them to join for dinner and the evening, and to stay as long as their journey allowed.

This is where we left off for the evening.