No, they’re not resolutions – those have a tendency to never work. They’re goals, things to do and accomplish throughout this year. Here’s my list: What’s on yours?

New Year’s Resolutions for Chris, 2005; Edited Version

  1. Significant Lifestyle Change

    1. Exercise minimum of 2x / week
    2. Eat a balanced, healthy diet
    3. No more fast food
    4. Sleep a solid night´s sleep (7.5 – 8.5) every night
    5. Work a 40 hour work week with very few exceptions
    6. Drop weight to 175 – 180
    1. Blog 1/ week (yeah yeah, I know…)
    2. Develop photography resources
    3. finish photo gallery software, develop personal gallery
  3. Attend church every week
  4. Take a sabbath every week
  5. Pay off owed money
  6. Pay bills on time
  7. Focus on one main business
  8. Develop a “Life Plan”
  9. Purchase a house, on land, with business / income opportunities
  10. Purchase a Digital SLR (EOS 1Ds Mark II) (or Nikon D70) – Realistically (? – Digital Rebel)
  11. Purchase a mountain bike
  12. Study Photography

    1. History and Technology
    2. Styles
    3. General Rules
    4. Mechanics of a Camera
    5. Technical and Compositional Issues
    6. Famous Photographers
  13. Improve communication skills
  14. Set boundaries in my life: personal, business, relationships
  15. Keep apartment clean and organized at all times
  16. Manage my time better
  17. Manager our money better
  18. Keep Calendar and Schedule up-to-date (thanks for the Zire Mom and Dad!)
  19. Write “Tindall Update” once / month
  20. Renew “lost” relationships and nurture all relationships
  21. Help Jon and Alia with any wedding items / tasks possible
  22. Learn to:

    1. simplify life
    2. Be Patient and Content
    3. Build / Repair facilities
    4. Garden / take care of property
  23. Learn something new and unique about Janene at least once / week
  24. Show Janene my love every day
  25. Surprise Janene at least once a month
  26. Help Janene grow
  27. Become the spiritual leader of the home
  28. Journal every day
  29. Shut up and listen, and don´t always try to solve the problem
  30. Have all gifts made or purchased one month before the event
  31. Finish all contracts in January; then only accept full paying contracts
  32. Develop Seasonal Essentials to a point that it can support the partners full time, including facilities and expenses
  33. Order our wedding picture reprints (yeah, we STILL haven´t done that…)
  34. Frame our Vettriano paintings
  35. Make our wedding DVD
  36. Organize computer files and backup system regularly
  37. Become a better husband
  38. Take dance lessons, and develop awareness of my body and space
  39. Do one thing a month that challenges me or stretches me past my comfort zone
  40. Stop talking, start doing.
  41. Learn how to make books and journals, and then make some.
  42. Save $1500 towards a trip to Europe
  43. Hike Monte Cristo
  44. Sell Volvo
  45. Sell Dart
  46. Develop “Multiple Income Streams”
  47. Learn to draw people / portraits