What a wonderful, beautiful day. It’s sunny and WINDY, and it looks like clouds are coming in. Weather says possible thunderstorms, which are always fun! The weather is such an interesting thing – it’s so wild and unpredictable for the most part, and yet we have just enough of a grasp on how it works to be dangerous. We sometimes plan entire days, or vacations, based on what the guy on TV or radio says. Sure, he’s got sophisticated equipment that helps him see patterns, and training and experience that helps him identify those patterns.

But really. They’re just guessing, based on past behaviours and things that look similar. It’s amazing to me that in this day and age, with computers having evolved and permeated our lives, that we still must guess at what nature intends. I’ll bet God gets a chuckle about that one!

Speaking of computers, here’s an interesting question given all the negative media coverage about computers (from virus scares to hackers to identity theft to stupidity…) – are computers on the rise or decline in useage? Are we better off with or without them? How often do you use a computer in your daily life? How about at work? How often do you have to do something other than basic email or Office tasks? What about computers in education? Many people I know went through either Computer Science (CSC) or Engineering – what’s your guy’s opinions about computers and CS? Is it worthwhile to have those formally taught, or is it more practical to learn on the job? How much more difficult would it make it if there WAS no formal training at the college level (with the exception of tech colleges…) to land and hold a position? What did you learn in college that made those classes and programs worth while? Do you think employers are more likely to respect either individuals or institutions that have or provide that training?

Seriously, leave some feedback on this, would you? I’m curious now.

Anyway, what a tangent!