It’s late, and tomorrow is a big day…

So this is going to be short. Hopefully after this weekend, as I start to get caught up on things, I’ll be back to posting something nearly every day. I know it’s been a little sporadic, but I’m working on things…

As everyone who reads this blog knows, tomorrow is the start of the “big move” down to Snohomish. How exciting! Janene and I met my parents down at the house tonight, did a walk-through, took pictures of things, and cleaned the kitchen cupboards so that tomorrow the kitchen can be moved in… Holy cow.

Comcast comes on Monday between 8am and noon – so we’ll have internet access after that, as well – which will be great.

The house is so wonderful – even with several issues (just from it being built in 1900) to contend with, we love it. Neither of us wanted to drive back to Seattle tonight – and it wasn’t just ’cause we were exhausted. It’ll be fun to sleep there starting tomorrow night… 🙂

Thank you, in advance, to all of you who are helping make the move possible – we REALLY appreciate it… 🙂

I’m brainstorming some good (deeper, richer, more inspired) blog subjects – so if there’s something (serious) you want me to rant about, let me know! Otherwise, I suppose you’ll get whatever my twisted mind comes up with!

And now, since tomorrow is going to be a long and physically difficult day, I’m going to push “Publish” and then go to sleep. Sllleeeeeeppppppp…..

so MUCH crap…!

What a week, and what a day…moving, as exciting as the end result may be, is still an act of self imposed insanity. I cannot believe how many boxes we have packed and taken up to my parent’s living room (which has, most of this last year, been used as a “storage locker” for some move or another)… I have another full van load to take up first thing in the morning – and the sad part is that (guessing here) we’ve probably got at LEAST 2-3 more loads. Fortunately, once they’re all there, it’ll be a single UHaul load.
Which reminds me, I need to call UHaul and reserve a truck. Hm. That’d be a good one not to forget again.
I’m so stinkin’ tired, my body is protesting sitting upright to write this. However, I know that if I don’t blog on a regular basis the world will stop spinning on it’s axis, birds will fall from the sky like stones, fish will fly (as will pigs…), and this sneeze I’ve developed from so much dust will propel me into space for all eternity.
Which might be ok for some, but there’s no way I’m going to be the reason for the end of Earth as we know it.
So today was hectic, as I had to cover the afternoon at the store – nothing like not being able to find anyone to cover things for an afternoon…. My mom was gonna cover (she’s one of our employees) but she awoke (after being here until midnight last night helping us pack) with a nasty migraine that made her physically ill – so that obviously wouldn’t work. So I covered. Oh well, it was a good break from packing.
And now, at 9:36pm, I’m going to go take a hot shower (I’m soaking wet from carting load after load of boxes to the van in the pouring rain) and crawl into bed. I need to do some introspective art journaling, I think. That and curl up in Janene’s arms and fall asleep. There is, I think, no greater comfort. And yes, I’ll proudly admit that sometime’s I need to be on the receiving end of comfort instead of the giving end.

Trip Summary

It has been a few days since I posted – we were obviously out of town (for ten days, even though I only managed to get two “travel logs” up during that time) and since we’ve gotten back life has really hit hard.

To summarize the trip, it was fantastic. Janene took her first class of the trip with Claudine Hellmuth in Coupeville. During this time I took hundreds of photos, watched a few good movies, slept some, enjoyed the view from our “Cottage on the Cove”, ate some good food, and hung out with Janene and some of the artists.

From Coupeville we moved on to Pt. Townsend for ArtFest. Janene took three days of metals classes this year, which was a new and exciting experience for her. I regained an interest in doing some art, and have started turning my journal into more of an art journal, which is kind of fun. I’ve also decided I’d like to learn some metal work, and do that on a semi-regular basis.
Andy, Holly, and Elise came over to say hello on Friday afternoon, which was just wonderful. We hung out until Janene was done with class, then chatted a while, caught dinner, and went to Vendor Night at ArtFest. They caught the late ferry home – it was really fun and meant a lot that they came over.

We went from ArtFest to Union to see Don and Esther for Sunday afternoon – which was very relaxing. Pretty much sat around chatting and munching on food, and didn’t hardly do any work at all. It was great. We came back into town on Monday morning first thing.
Since then, it has been shop work left and right – and on top of that trying to pack. Life is crazy, but it’s a good crazy. We’re really pushing to have our place packed up as early as possible, and to live off of … nothing, really, for a day or few. That way we can move on the 15th with as little hassle as possible – I’m really excited.